Telling the Tools Where They Live: AmazonVPC Getting Started Guide p19

Telling the Tools Where They Live

The command line tools depend on an environment variable (EC2_HOME) to locate supporting libraries. You need to set this environment variable before you can use the tools. You must set the variable to the path of the directory where you unzipped the command line tools. The directory itself is named ec2-api-tools-A.B-nnnn (A, B and n are version/release numbers), and contains sub-directories named bin and lib.

ディレクトリ名はec2-api-tools-A.B-nnnn (A, B や n はバージョン/リリースナンバ)で、そのディレクトリにはbinやlibを含んだサブディレクトリが存在します。

On Linux and UNIX, you can set this environment variable as follows.

$ export EC2_HOME=

On Windows the syntax is slightly different.

C:\> set EC2_HOME=

In addition, we recommend you add the tools' bin directory to your system PATH so you don't have to specify the path to the tools each time you invoke them. The rest of this guide assumes you've done this.

付け加えて、システム環境変数 PATHへツールのbinディレクトリを加えることをお勧めします。そうすれば、フルパスを書かないでそれらを実行することができます。以降、PATHへ設定している状態として説明を続けます。

On Linux and UNIX, you can update your PATH as follows.

$ export PATH=$PATH:$EC2_HOME/bin

On Windows the syntax is slightly different.

C:\> set PATH=%PATH%;%EC2_HOME%\bin

The Windows environment variables are reset when you close the command window. You might want to set them permanently.

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