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How to Get Your Credentials

The local machine must have your credentials stored in an .ec2 directory in the home directory. The credentials consist of an X.509 certificate and corresponding private key.


For a Windows local machine, there can be no spaces in the path to the directory. For example, C:\EC2 is acceptable, but C:\My Documents\EC2 is not.

Windowローカルマシンでは、パスに空白を入れることができません。たとえばC:\EC2は使えますが、C:\My Documents\EC2は使用できません。

To get your credentials
1. On the local machine, go to the Amazon Web Services web site at
2. Point to Your Account and click Security Credentials.
3. Log in to your AWS account. The Security Credentials page is displayed.
4. In the Access Credentials section of the page, click the X.509 Certificates tab.
5. Click Create a New Certificate.Your X.509 certificate and corresponding private key are generated.
6. From the dialog box, download your private key file and X.509 certificate file to an .ec2 directory that you create in your home directory. Make sure to keep the filenames offered by your browser.
You should end up with a PEM-encoded X.509 certificate and a private key file named as shown in the following examples.

1.ローカルマシンから、AWS Webサイト を開く
2.Your Accountをクリックして、Security Credentialsをクリックする
4.Access Credentialsセクションでは、X.509証明書タブをクリックする
5.Create a Certificate.Yourをクリック。X.509証明書と対応する秘密鍵を生成する

The following is an example filename for a PEM-encoded signed X.509 certificate.以下、PEMエンコード化されたX.509証明書のファイル名の例です。


The following is an example filename for an unencrypted, PEM-encoded RSA private key that corresponds to the preceding X.509 certificate.


This X.509 certificate is associated with your account until you generate or upload a new certificate. If you have an existing certificate that you prefer to use, you can return to the Security Credentials page and upload it later.
That's it. In the next section, you set up the Amazon EC2 API command line tools.

あなたが新しい証明書を生成するか、アップロードするまで、このX.509証明書はあなたのアカウントと関係しています。既存の証明書を持っていて、それらを使用する場合、Security Credentialsページに戻って、アップロードしてください。
それそれ。次のセクションでは、あなたはAmazonEC2 APIコマンドラインツールを準備します

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