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How to Create a Subnet

The next objects to create are the Amazon VPC subnets in your VPC. If you add more than one subnet to a VPC, they are laid out in a star topology with a logical router in the middle.
次にAmazon VPC subnet を作成します。

When creating each subnet, you provide the VPC ID and the CIDR block for the subnet. The subnet's CIDR block can be the same as the VPC's CIDR (assuming you want only a single subnet in the VPC), or a subset of the VPC's CIDR. If you create more than one subnet in a VPC, the CIDR blocks of the subnets must not overlap.
各subnet作成時、VPC IDと、Subnet CIDRブロックを指定します。Subnet CIDRブロックはVPCのCIDR(VPC内で単一のSubnetのみ使用するのであれば)と同じ値にすることができます。複数のSubnetを作成するのであれば、CIDRブロックはオー場ラップさせるべきではありません。


AWS reserves both the first four and the last IP address in each subnet's CIDR block. They're not available for use.
AWAは、各Subnet CIDRブロックの最初の4つと最後のIPアドレスを予約しています。このためこれらのIPアドレスは使用することができません。

When you create a subnet, you receive the unique ID that Amazon VPC assigns to the subnet, the subnet's current state (pending or available), the number of available IP addresses in the subnet, and the subnet's Availability Zone.
Subnet作成時、Amazon VPCをSubnetに割り当てるためのユニークなID、Subnetの現在のステータス(pendingかavailable)、Subnet上の有効IPアドレス数、SubnetのAvailability Zoneをを受け取ります。

In this example, the VPC uses CIDR block, which provides 256 addresses. We'll break the VPC's CIDR block into two subnets, which means each will have 128 addresses. One subnet will have CIDR block (for addresses - and the other will have CIDR block (for addresses -

There are many tools available to help you calculate subnet CIDR blocks. For a commonly used tool, go to Also, your network engineering group can help you determine the CIDR blocks to specify for your subnets.

多くののSubnet CIDRブロックを計算するための有用なツールがあります。
ネットワーク技術グループが、Subnet CIDRブロック決定の支援を受けることもできます。

To create your subnets

1. Use the ec2-create-subnet command, and provide the ID of the VPC and the CIDR block for the subnet.
ec2-create-subnetコマンドを使う。引数としてVPC IDとSubnet CIDRブロックを指定する。

PROMPT> ec2-create-subnet -c vpc_id -i

SUBNET subnet_id pending vpc_id 123 us-east-1a

The response includes the unique ID for the subnet (e.g., subnet-9d4a7b6c), the current state of the subnet (pending or available), the VPC ID, the subnet's CIDR block, the number of unused IP addresses in the subnet, and the subnet's Availability Zone.
返却情報には、subnetのユニークID(e.g. subbet-9d4a7b6c)、ステータス(pendingかavailable)、VPC ID、SubnetのCIDRブロック、Subnet内未使用IPアドレス数、SubnetのAvailability Zoneが含まれている。

2. Use the command again to create the second subnet.

PROMPT> ec2-create-subnet -c vpc_id -i

SUBNET subnet_id pending vpc_id 123 us-east-1a

You need to wait until each subnet's state is available before moving forward. You can get the current state of the subnets from their descriptions.

To get a subnet's description

・Use the ec2-describe-subnets command.

PROMPT> ec2-describe-subnets

SUBNET subnet_id available vpc_id 123 us-east-1a

SUBNET other_subnet_id available vpc_id 123 useast-

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